Voting by mail is the EASIEST way to vote in Okaloosa County! It allows you to vote from the comfort and privacy of your home. Any registered voter can request a Vote-by-Mail ballot.
Voting by mail is a no-brainer when you consider these benefits:

  • Convenience: Ballots will come to your door, and you will receive Vote-by-Mail ballots for all elections for 2 years.

  • Saves Time: Lines at the polls can be long, and precinct locations often change..

  • Flexibility: If you decide you want to vote at your polling location, you can still do that, simply bring your Vote-by-Mail ballot with you. If you can't make it to the polls, you can mail it or hand-deliver it to the Supervisor of Elections.

  • Confidence: You can track the status of your VBM ballot at the Supervisor of Elections website. If there’s a problem with your ballot, you’ll be contacted and will have until 5pm on the second day after the election to correct it. On Election Day, mail-in ballots are the first ballots counted! 

  • It Just Works!: Signing up for VBM increases your chance of voting by 40%!

You can request a Vote-by-Mail ballot in several ways:


Here’s everything else you need to know about Vote-by-Mail:

  • Requests for Vote-by-Mail ballots must be received by the Supervisor of Elections no later than seven days prior to Election Day. Sign up now!

  • Vote-by-Mail ballots are usually mailed 4-5 weeks prior to the election.

  • Your Vote-by-Mail ballot must be mailed back to the Supervisor of Elections in time to ensure it arrives no later than 7:00 p.m. on Election Day.

  • You cannot drop off a Vote-by-Mail ballot at any polling place.

  • You can hand deliver your Vote-by-Mail ballot to the Supervisor of Elections offices in either Shalimar or Crestview, up until 7:00 P.M. on Election Day.

VOTE WITH CONFIDENCE - We work to ensure your VBM ballot counts!


Want to get a head start on the voting process? Early voting in Okaloosa County allows you to vote before Election Day at any designated Early Voting location. For early voting, you don't have to worry about your precinct. Anyone can vote at any of the Okaloosa County Early Voting locations!