Where's Matt Gaetz? Not in His District

Updated: Aug 27

Below is a link to a very long and well researched article by Northwest Florida Daily News Reporter Tom McLaughlin. It was also published in USA Today.

In the article, McLaughlin outlines where Gaetz has been spending his time (not in the panhandle) and how has been spending his campaign funds (travel, attorneys, and crisis management consultants). There's also a deep dive into his campaign contributions - many of which are coming from outside the state of Florida. McLaughlin also discusses the unusually high number of campaign donations that Gaetz has refunded. Finally, there is a quote in the article from Okaloosa Democrat's Chair, Tracey Tapp, about how maybe, finally, Gaetz will be held accountable for his illegal behavior (remember all those DUI's?)

2021-08-12 Wheres Matt Gaetz Not in his district Hes everywhere but here (nwfdailynews
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