We Want to Hear from YOU!

We made big strides during the 2020 General Election. Four of the top five counties in the state for shifting vote margins from Red to Blue between 2016 and 2020 were in the Panhandle.

We are capitalizing on this momentum by partnering with Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties to leverage resources and work together in preparation for the 2022 election. Our first area of focus is messaging and communications.

To help us better target our messages we have created a short survey. We want to hear from ALL voters, not just Democrats, so please take a minute to complete the survey and share it with your networks.

Finally, if you would like to join our Communications Team, please contact us at We are looking for people to identify content at the national, state, and local levels; to create issue specific content; and to get this content out via multiple channels, for example our Facebook and Twitter feeds, newspapers, our newsletter and email blasts.