We're Organizing NOW for 2022!

In order to build on the momentum we gained in the 2020 election - Okaloosa was #1 in the State for Red to Blue vote shifts with +5% - we are activating our filed operations earlier than ever. Our top priorities are registering Democrats to vote and identifying left leaning NPA's (Non-Party-Affiliates). Registering Democrats is important because statewide, the Democratic lead in voter registrations has shrunk from 200,000+ to less than 80,000. This is because when the pandemic hit – Democrats stopped doing in person voter registration, while Republicans accelerated their efforts. We are hosting a voter registration training on Saturday July 24th from 10am-11am. You can find details and sign up HERE. This training is required for anyone who wants to register Democrats. We will host this training on an ongoing basis - so if you can't attend this one, we have you covered! Identifying left leaning NPA's is important because in Okaloosa County, we can't win without them. Right now, we are calling NPA's and asking one question: Should Matt Gaetz resign? The "yes" answers identify left leaning NPA's. This information is CRITICAL because these are the people we need to get to the polls in 2022. About 30% of the people we talk to say "yes!" Please join us for a Pizza Party and Phone Bank on Wednesday July 28th from 6pm-8pm. This will be a fun event and we'll provide training. You can see details and sign up HERE. We know that when we elect Democrats, everyday people and families benefit. I hope you can participate in these grassroots efforts. But I also understand that active participation is not always possible because of work, family and other commitments. If this is the case, please make a donation using the link below. No amount is too small. When we all pitch in, with whatever we can, we make a positive difference for everyone in our community.


In solidarity,

Tracey Tapp, Chair Okaloosa Democrats