Want to be part of the Voter Protection Team with the Okaloosa Dems?

Poll Watchers:

Poll watching is a crucial component of our voter protection program. Poll watching, when done correctly, allows our campaign to work to quickly resolve voting and polling place issues,provides a vital first-hand record of incidents or violations in the court of law, and ensures that as many voters as possible legally cast their ballot.

Poll watchers will observe activites at the polling place and report irregularities and potential election law violations. Poll watchers will sign up for half-day shifts at priority polling locations during the early vote period and on election day.

Poll watchers must be registered to vote in the county where they are credentialed as poll watchers. If you are interested in becoming a poll watcher for the upcoming primary or general election, please sign up at the following link:

Ballot Curing:

Ballot curing is another crucial component of our voter protection program. Ballot curing involves identifying vote by mail ballots that have been flagged by the Supervisor of Elections for review, and communicating with the voters to ensure they have the proper information to ensure any questions are addressed and that their voters are counted.

If you are interested in helping us with ballot cures in the upcoming general election, send us an email at with Ballot Curing in the title.