Vote-by-Mail Ballots Will Arrive Soon

Vote-by-mail ballots are being mailed starting September 24th. We want Okaloosa voters to know that voting by mail (VBM) is safe, secure, and gives you options. Here's what you need to know.

  • Complete and return your ballot EARLY. We expect high voter turnout in this election – and mail ballots are counted as soon as they arrive. Getting them in early means election results will be available sooner.

  • Follow the directions on your VBM ballot carefully. Make sure you sign and date the back of the envelope and use a first class postage stamp.

  • You can track the status of your VBM ballot online to see when it has been received and counted HERE.

  • The number one reason VBM ballots are rejected in Okaloosa County is because they arrive at the Supervisor of Elections (SOE) after election day. We suggest mailing by 10/20, or better yet, drop it off at one of the secure drop boxes at any early voting location between 10/19 and 10/31. You can find a list of early voting locations HERE.

  • A small percentage of VBM ballots are rejected because the signature on the back of the envelope does not match the one on file at the SOE. If this happens you will be contacted by the SOE and given a chance to fix or “cure” your ballot. Okaloosa Democrats will also be contacting Democrats with VBM ballot issues and assisting them in curing them. You have until 5pm the second day after the election (11/5) to fix any issues with your VBM ballot. Make sure the SOE has your phone number and/or email HERE

  • If you registered to vote when you got your driver’s license, you may want to update your signature, because signatures made on electronic tablets are often different than those made using pen and paper. You should also update your signature if it has changed significantly. You can update your signature by completing a voter registration form at the SOE office in Shalimar (1250 Eglin Pkwy) or Crestview (302 N Wilson Street).

  • Even if you requested a VBM ballot, you can still vote at the polls, either at an early voting location or at your precinct polling location on election day. Do NOT bring your VBM ballot. The poll worker will confirm that they have not received your VBM ballot and you will be allowed to vote. You will need to bring a photo ID that includes your signature. If it does not include a signature, bring a second ID that does.