Our Voter Protection Team is WORKING!

Under the direction of Attorney Ryan Fife, our Voter Protection Team has been hard at work making sure we do everything we can to save and protect Democratic votes. If you would like to join the team, please send your contact information to

Here are some of their recent accomplishments:

They texted, called and knocked on doors of hundreds of people who tried to register to vote as Democrats, but whose registration was rejected for various reasons. They helped fix their registrations so they will not be turned away at the polls in November.

They called and/or texted more than 200 Democrats whose vote-by-mail ballot for the August election was returned as undeliverable so they could correct the issue and receive a mail-in ballot for November.

They are in the process of finalizing our Vote-by-Mail Cure Team so that we can quickly identify Democrats whose mail-in ballot have signature problems and help them submit the required cure affidavit before the 5:00 pm deadline on November 5. The team will be doing this on a rolling basis starting October 2 when we anticipate the first wave of vote-by-mail ballots will be returned to the Supervisor of Elections.

Finally, we have recruited and partially trained an impressive poll watching team so we can have eyes and ears on the ground at the most important polling locations in Okaloosa.

Thank you all so much for all you have done so far and all that you will continue to do to make sure we Flip Florida BLUE!