Our 2022 Get Out The Vote Efforts Start NOW!!

There is a lot at stake in the 2022 General Election. We are mobilizing early to do everything in our power to ensure that DeSantis is a one-term Governor and that we elect Democrats to the State House and State Senate.

The Florida Democratic Party has an ambitious goal to register 150,000 new Democrats before the November 2022 Election. Okaloosa Democrats will be registering voters at upcoming events like the Northwest Florida State Fair and Dog Daze in Fort Walton Beach. You must be trained in order to register voters. But we have you covered! Sign up for virtual Voter Registration Training HERE. There's a class every Friday at 12pm.

Also, every Thursday from 12pm-2pm we are calling Democrats who are in danger of being dropped from the voting rolls and helping them reactivate their voter registration. These folks are very grateful for these calls! You can sign up HERE to attend a short virtual training and then make calls from home.

Finally, every Tuesday from 12pm-2pm we are calling past supporters and asking them to volunteer by joining us at an event like the ones listed above. In the 2020 General Election, Okaloosa had over 150 active volunteers. Let's get to over 200 for 2022! Sign up HERE.

Join us. Together we can make a difference!

Tracey Tapp, Chair

Okaloosa Democrats