Rent Challenge Grant

Due to our move, the office will be closed this week, March 8-15.

Over the years, Okaloosa Democrats have been fortunate to find donated office space. We had a good run in our current office, but the landlord found a paying tenant, and we have been asked to move. We are in negotiations with another generous property owner, but even if we are able to secure a new “free” home, we risk losing the space to a paying tenant.

We need a stable and permanent home base for our get-out-the-vote operations. Because of this, we are looking for a low-cost office where we can secure a lease. In order to help fund this,  a donor has offered a Challenge Grant. They will donate $1500 toward an office if we raise $1500 in matching funds and have a lease that runs through the election.  We have so much momentum – we MUST keep it going!  Please donate here: