Mary Esther Adopts a Mask Mandate

Charlotte McKamy explains why the City of Mary Esther decided to step up and provide badly-needed leadership in our county. :

We just passed a mandatory mask mandate for our city with fines enforcement etc. Passed 4 to 1 goes into effect July 31. Councilman Aaron Bacchi showed amazing leadership, research and points! He said he could not live with himself if he did not do everything he could to prevent spread, infection and death. He also said that businesses he called are waiting on our leadership. So this will be a collaborative approach with businesses especially the mom and pops who do not have corporate office to back them up. (In fact, I will buy a box of masks for any business who needs them). 

I voted yes because of that AND this could encourage FWB Destin etc to step up. 

Forward together. Let's fulfill our oath to protect citizens from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. The Coronavirus is a domestic enemy, and unfortunately, is winning now. As far as I'm concerned, Dr Karen Chapman is my leader and General for the next months on this life and death issue. Thank you Dr Chapman! 


Charlotte McKamy 

Mary Esther City Council

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