Let's Flip Florida BLUE

Floridians are reeling from 20 years of Republican rule in Tallahassee. We’ve suffered from a botched pandemic response, a broken unemployment system and a refusal to expand Medicaid. Their actions, and inaction, have literally left a path of death and economic destruction that is personal for many of us and the people we love. 

But there is hope. A record number of Democrats are running for the Florida Legislature thanks to an organization called 90 for 90 – which successfully flipped the Virginia State House BLUE in 2019. They set their sights on Florida and recruited Democratic candidates for EVERY State Senate seat and all but one State House seat. This means we will be able to vote for Democrats up and down the ballot! 

The November election can be a turning point in our Democracy. Trump is losing support among fair minded Republicans and Independents, and no one gets to the White House without winning Florida. If we vote in record numbers we can send Trump packing and shift the balance of power in Tallahassee.

Here are the patriots who have stepped up to run for State House in Okaloosa County.

You can learn more about all of them on the Candidate Roundup page of our website.

John Plante - Florida House District 4

Most of Okaloosa County, including Crestview

Karen Butler  - Florida Senate District 1

Escambia, Santa Rosa, and parts of Okaloosa County including Mary Esther, Fort Walton Beach and Holt

Angela Hoover -

Florida House District 3

Santa Rosa County, plus northern Okaloosa County, EXCEPT Crestview