I'm a Democrat! Why is my Primary Ballot Full of Republicans?

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Confused by your primary ballot? Don't worry. You are not alone! Here is what's going on. First, there are no races with Democrats competing against one another. So, we are not choosing between multiple Democratic candidates, like we did in the presidential primary in March. But don’t worry, you’ll get to vote for our great Democratic candidates who will be on the November ballot for the Florida Legislature, US Congress, and, of course, President. Learn more here. Second, there are three races where only Republicans are running. Under current state law, this means than all voters, regardless of party, get to vote in these races. (This is called a Universal Primary Contest). In these races, whoever wins a plurality of votes is elected to that office.

Here is a useful graphic from our Supervisor of Elections Paul Lux

The Okaloosa Democratic Party cannot make endorsements in these races. BUT, we do encourage voters to learn about the candidates and make your voice heard.

Candidate information

We tried to find information directly from these campaigns or from other sources that are as neutral as possible. Here’s what we found:

WSRE Election Coverage Questions for candidates. The Okaloosa Candidates start at about 1:08. Here’s the link.

Superintendent of Schools

Two Republicans are running for this position

-Marcus Chambers (incumbent): Website

-Ray Sansom: Website

County Commissioner District 1

Three Republicans are running for this seat

-Wayne Richard Harris

We were unable to find a website or Facebook page for Mr. Harris but did find two interviews with Mr. Harris.

· Interview on Crestview Community Television - watch here

· Interview on Conexion - watch here

-Paul Mixon

· Website

-James Walker

We were unable to find in-depth information about Mr. Walker, only brief media reports announcing his candidacy and a tiny bit of background.

County Commissioner District 3

Two Republicans are running for this seat.

-Nathan Boyles (incumbent):

· Website

· Facebook

-Brad Roehrig:

· Website

· Facebook

School Board District 2

This is a non-partisan race, meaning candidates do not declare a Party affiliation. All voters, regardless of political party, may cast a ballot in the races.

-Sherri Edwards Cox:

· Website

· Facebook

-Martha Gardner

· Website

· Facebook