Here's what Florida Families are up against:

Insurance Rates

  • Homeowners insurance rates in FL are 3x the national average

  • Property insurance rates have more than doubled since DeSantis took office

  • Insurers drop Floridians at increased rate vs. rest of country.

  • Insurers are pulling out of the state, leaving homeowners vulnerable during peak hurricane season

  • The cost of reinsurance is up 54% since 2019

  • Republicans in Florida just gave $3 million gift to insurance companies

Florida Power and Light

  • Utility rates have increased by 20% statewide

  • Rates are much higher in Panhandle. They have doubled and even tripled in many cases

  • The Republican-picked Public Service Commission approved rate hikes without following their own rules

High cost of Housing

  • Local rents and house prices have increased dramatically over the past year.

  • Home prices in Florida have increased 81% in the last 5 years

  • Rents have increased 41% since DeSantis took office

  • Florida ranks 41st in affordable housing

  • Republicans continue to raid Sadowsky fund set up to address this issue.

Here's Why: Republicans work for the Wealthy and Corporations, NOT YOU!

  • At least 42 billionaires or members of billionaire families have contributed to DeSantis' campaign

  • Republican lawmakers routinely raid a fund earmarked for affordable housing

  • In 2020, the biggest recipients of campaign donations from investor-owned utilities were the Republican Party of Florida, and the Florida Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee. They returned this $3m favor by creating a $2billion fund designated to help insurers with no guarantees that any of it be passed on to consumers.

  • Florida Power and Light donated over $6 million to republicans in 2020. In return, the republican appointed PSC approved outrageous rate hikes on Floridians and took unprecedented steps to approve the FPL takeover over Gulf Power and even higher rate hikes.

After more than two decades of total Republican control in Florida, Ron DeSantis and Florida Republicans continue benefiting wealthy donors and corporations with no consequences. They don't believe that Floridans can stand up for themselves. We disagree and our Democratic candidates are ready to fight for Florida families. We urge you to Vote Blue in '22!


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