• Anna Finley

Gearing Up for 2020

We are officially gearing up for the 2020 Election. Our priorities are registering voters, signing people up for Vote-By-Mail, and canvassing to get out the vote. We especially want to encourage everyone to sign up for Vote-By-Mail. In the 2018 election, people in Okaloosa County who got Vote-By-Mail ballots voted at a rate 43% higher than those not signed up for Vote-By-Mail. Think of it as an insurance policy – you can still vote at the polls, but you have a back-up just in case! 

Click here to check your registration status and sign up for Vote-By-Mail.

Precinct Captain Training

Signing up for Vote-By-Mail

Voter Registration Training

Okaloosa Democratic Party

New Office: 60 Second Street, 

Suite C-1, Shalimar, FL


Monday    10am-2pm

Thursday  10am-2pm

Friday        10:15am-2pm

Mail: PO Box 144, Shalimar, FL 32579

(850) 888-3321

Línea Española: 850-888-8240

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