Everything You Need to Know to Vote in the August 18th Primary

There are 3 ways to vote in the August 18 Primary. Each is covered in more detail below

· Vote-by-Mail

· Early Voting

· Vote at your precinct polling location

Voting by Mail (VBM)

VBM Facts

Even if you are signed up for VBM you can still vote at the polls. Do NOT bring your VBM ballot with you. The poll worker will confirm that they have not received your vote-by-mail ballot and you will be allowed to vote at the polls.

If you vote-by-mail you can use the Supervisor of Elections (SOE) VOTER LOOKUP TOOL to confirm that your ballot has been received and counted.

Most VBM ballots usually sail through without a hitch, but rest assured, if there is an issue with your VBM ballot, you will be contacted by the SOE twice and given a chance to fix it. Make sure the SOE has your phone number on file.

And remember to update your signature if it has changed significantly by stopping by the SOE office in Crestview or Shalimar (addresses and phone numbers are listed below)

Completing Your Vote-by-Mail Ballot

· Fill in the oval circles for ONE candidate in each race with a black pen

· Place the ballot in the protective sleeve