Ballot Recommendations

We know you're all excited to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, but don't stop there! Our Okaloosa Blue Ticket candidates are Phil Ehr for US Congress, Karen Butler for Florida Senate District 1, Angela Hoover for Florida House District 3, and John Plante for Florida House District 4. Learn more about them at our Candidate Roundup

For the Florida Constitutional Amendments, please vote YES on Amendment 2 to raise Florida's minimum wage. We're suggesting a NO vote on Amendments 1, 3, and 4. We have no recommendation on 5 and 6. Read more here.

For local ballot issues, we recommend a YES vote on the half-cent sales tax that will fund repairs and upgrades for our public schools. Our recommendations for the Crestview Charter amendments are here.

For judges on the ballot, we're passing along recommendations from Smart Vote, a local committee designed to keep abreast of the candidates and issues which have the greatest effect on the values of minority voters in Okaloosa County.

Supreme Court:

Justice Carlos Muniz No

1st District Court of Appeals

Judge Joseph Lewis – Yes Judge Scott Makar – Yes Judge Rachel Nordby – No

Judge Tim Osterhaus – No

Judge Clay Roberts – No recommendation

Judge Adam Tanenbaum – No North Okaloosa Fire District – No recommendation