A message from our new Field Organizer

Hello Okaloosa Democrats! My name is John Campo and I am your brand new Field Organizer here in Okaloosa County!

My story

I grew up on the Jersey Shore and witnessed the devastating effects of climate change during the events of Superstorm Sandy. I saw how communities, businesses, and families can be brought nearly to ruin by an extreme weather event and a botched recovery. Since that time I have dedicated my life to electing candidates who will treat the climate crisis as the global catastrophe it truly is.

My History

I started field work while in high school working for New Jersey State Assembly Candidates who were focused on getting Sandy victims back in their homes. Since then I have worked as a field operative: in Northern Maine with the goal of unseating an entrenched Republican Incumbent Congressman and electing the first female Governor of Maine. In Iowa, first with the Elizabeth Warren Campaign and eventually with a local disability rights activist and city councilor helping to Organize the Caucus, and now here in Florida!

My Job

My job as a Field Organizer here in Okaloosa County is to work with local folks and organizations on the ground here to register voters, expand vote by mail, and continue to build a campaign infrastructure that will last through 2020 and beyond! I am extremely excited to be here and would like to extend my gratitude to all the warm welcomes I have received so far as well as any I will receive in the future!

My Contact Information

Phone: (732) 773-6170