In September, 2018, the Miami Herald and the ACLU of Florida warned that young and minority voters are more likely to have their ballots rejected if they vote by mail than if they vote early or on Election Day. We want you to know that this problem has not affected Okaloosa County voters, and we know because we’ve been watching.


In 2016, DEC member Tom Russ checked the Supervisor of Elections website regularly for rejected ballots. He found that almost all ballots where the signature did not match the voter records were reviewed and accepted at the weekly canvassing board meeting. The Okaloosa SOE standard is that if any part of the signature on you ballot matches any of the signatures they have on record for you, they consider it a match.


The Supervisor of Elections notifies voters whose ballots are rejected and must provide the reason it was rejected. Voters whose signatures were missing or didn’t match will have the opportunity to provide a signed “cure” affidavit.  We plan to continue keeping watch for rejected ballots, and will contact Democratic voters to help get their ballots accepted. Expect us to call or come to your door if this happens to you.


We will continue to encourage Democrats to sign up for vote by mail, because those who do so are 40% more likely to vote. Your vote is your voice, and we want you to be heard


Use the Supervisor of Elections Tracking Tool to check the status of your VBM ballot.  If you have further questions or concerns, you can call the Supervisor of Elections at (850) 689-5600 or the Okaloosa Democrats at (850) 888-3321.