US President and Vice President

Joseph Biden

Former Vice President; former senator from Delaware, 76

“If we give Donald Trump eight years in the White House, he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation, who we are, and I cannot stand by and watch that happen.”

  • Has run for President twice before.
  • Is among the best-liked figures in the Democratic Party, known for his down-to-earth personality and his ability to connect with working-class voters.
  • Regards 2020 as his last chance to run for president.
  • Signature Issues: Restoring America’s standing on the global stage; strengthening economic protections for low-income workers in industries like manufacturing and fast food.
Kamala Harris

Senator from California; former AG of California, former San Francisco DA, 54

“I believe our country wants and needs some leadership that provides a vision of the country in which everyone could see themselves.”

  • Would bring a star power and history-making potential to the race that few other Democrats can match.

  • One of few Democrats to join the Senate after 2016.

  • Quickly drew notice for her tough questioning of Mr. Trump’s cabinet nominees-and later, his Supreme Court nominee Bret M. Kavanaugh.

  • Signature Issues: Unveiled middle-class tax cut legislation last fall, and has championed a liberal civil rights agenda in the Senate.

US Congress

Phil Ehr

Retired Naval Flight Officer

“Our economy must benefit working families and small businesses ahead of large corporations. The federal budget should be managing taxpayers’ money to benefit all and not just the few at the top.”

  • U.S. Navy veteran who rose from Seaman to Commander in a 26-year active duty career.
  • Flew reconnaissance missions in the Cold War, Desert Storm, and post-9/11 operations.
  • Provided strategic advice to senior leaders in Washington, London, and NATO.
  • Participates in community groups across Northwest Florida devoted to veterans, the environment, civil rights, civic engagement, small business, and the Democratic Party.

State Senate District 1

Karen Butler

US Air Force veteran, residential realtor

  • Decorated Air Force Veteran, who currently works in residential real estate specializing in military and corporate relocations

  • Active in local organizations that promote diversity and the arts

  • Will fight for veterans by ensuring they have access to affordable healthcare and housing

  • Believes the beauty of our beaches is a major asset and will work to protect our waterways and estuaries

  • Will advocate for economic policies that support working families – like a living wage, access to affordable healthcare, and investing in infrastructure to support our existing businesses and attract new industries to our area

State House District 3

Angela Hoover

US Army veteran, retired civil servant, and Navy spouse (retired)

“Unity, community, and a better place to live.”

  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a Certification in Project Management

  • Well versed in the economic issues related to tourism and agriculture

  • Will rebuild our post-pandemic economy by focusing on development in minority communities, stagnant wages, the fall-out from long-term unemployment and healthcare disparities

  • Will protect our environment by supporting recycling and addressing water quality issues caused by red tide, stormwater and agricultural run-off, and aging infrastructure

  • Will address infrastructure issues related to flooding, traffic gridlock, toll roads, internet access, and our power grid – which is below hurricane standards.

State House District 4

John Plante

Software engineer, adoptive father

“Our government and businesses need to support citizens at all levels. Too many essential people fall through the cracks. I want to build a stronger, more resilient Okaloosa.”

  • Dedicated father of 4 including two adopted foster children

  • Masters of Homeland Security in Information Security including disaster planning and resiliency policy development

  • Will champion economic growth by attracting new innovative businesses and enhancing school curriculums to include advanced technology degrees

  • Will enhance economic stability and resiliency by supporting organizations and cyber systems that help people during emergencies

  • Will protect our environment by creating programs that sustain our beaches and sea life and address sewage spills

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